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Eat · Death.

and remember that *I'm* his favorite.

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You scored 65% Cold and 66% Level-Headed!
You can kill. But the question "Why would you?" arises. Out of safety or cruelty?

My test tracked 2 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 78% on Cold

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You scored higher than 77% on Level-Headed
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cheerful cheerful
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This may prove to be a bit... interesting.

After a conversation concerning a former blood-kin of myself, and my dear Cissy, I have decided that conversation alone simply isn't enough.
"Thorn-removal" may be in order.
But somehow, to me at least... that would be too easy. I know how Cissy operates: Do it; done.. Now lets have tea.
I rather prefer to drag things out. Tease your prey! Let it think it stands a chance. And when you've had enough, then kill it. Rip the meat slowly off its bones... watch the blood elegantly flow. Chew it, and savor. Relish in your kill. Let you tastebuds prickle. Have the juices roll sweetly into the back of your throat.
Don't just swallow the bloody thing whole!

Hence, my next course of action.
Andromeda. The chained maiden of the heavens. Our little outcast. If not a Black Sister, then a Black Sheep. Ohh, and how I must say that being a wolf in her pasture would be ever so please me.
*laughs* And I would put Lupin to shame, if I may so say.

Yes. Conversation proves only so much.
Actions speak louder.
frame of mind:
predatory predatory
* * *

I admit that breaking and entering my Sister's residence, in search for incriminating documents, was a bit... desperate. I'm going stir crazy, is all. And to boot, nothing was procured.

However, I must scold myself for something else:
I am to the likes of Nymphadora Tonks, that disgusting niece of mine, with her tactless style, tasteless social circles, and ungraceful demeanor!
Why was nothing procured? Because I FELL OVER AN OTTOMAN.
... a bloody foot-stool!
Why, may I ask you, would a FOOT-FUCKING-STOOL, be in a bedroom?!?And I don't care who knows it! Now I have a great welt on my bottom!

It was good I made it out undiscovered. No one came to investigate the resounding crash. 
I guess this is more proof that my dear brother in law is "making the rounds".

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Harry Potter's death, in your LJ by quebella84
I say Mary-Sue, you say:
I say Death Eater, you say:
You spot Harrydownloading Jenna Jamison
Walks over with wand.alabastard
Shows up with a chainsaw.kreacher_elf
Taps Harry on the shoulder.jailbait_sirius
And you all:Sell him to Tony Soprano.
Buy's Wendy's aftermeropes_son
Bangs Snapelordswormtail
and Voldemortlays an egg out of confusion.
Quiz created with MemeGen!

I forgot about this! I hope you all enjoy it!!
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amused amused
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New Years now…

13 years… then.

This year I am not going to buy into any foppish invention of resolutions. Resolutions, indeed! I’ll leave such flaky practice to my sister. Self noted promise only gives one the ability to fall short. Labeling your intentions and vying to fulfill them is only one more step in wasting time.
13 years… I have time to make up for.
I don’t feel so much in debut to myself, as I feel in debut to the past.
I have plans now. Oh yes, many plans.
I will have to play out these plans like a game of chess. Draco… Cissy… perhaps even Lucius…
The trick is to now wait for the right move. My move.

Unfortunately… that takes time.

frame of mind:
predatory predatory
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Home. The LeStrange Estate. I never though I’d feel my satin sheets again. Nor wear my jewels.

I tripped over the hems of my prison robes enough, escaping that pit. Now that I’m home, I won’t fall short any longer.
Azakban! Pah! I could have done it sooner. I lacked reason. Why run away, when you have nothing to run to? At least, that was the fog that clouded my vision. My vision of Him. My Lord… My Love. Funny, how the creatures He himself procured, were the very ones that swept away my vision.

I’ve come to the brilliant realization that in my absence other “comrades” *cough*SNAPE*couch* have fallen shorter than they fell before… however impossible this may seem. I, however, am more than capable and wiling to pick up their slack.
Which reminds me of my little sister… the snowy princess herself. Blood is indeed thicker than wine. I will not forget it. And I must say, this entire charade between her and Lucius is all so entertaining.
Ahh Lucius… my slippery old friend. While he escaped before me, undoubtedly to return to The Master’s side in timely fashion, I must admit I don’t recall his pale hand slipping between my cell’s bars.
And my nephew, Draco. How inept he must feel, outdone by the likes of Snape. Poor thing…

That is all of no importance, nonetheless.
I’m back. I’ve returned. I will surpass all. Clearly.

But now, I must sleep. My house elves have turned down the sheets, and are drawing the curtains.
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content content
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I had a bad dream that Sirius was still alive.

I think it's time to bother Snape.

frame of mind:
exanimate exanimate
the voices say:
"let's get him!"
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